Crushing it with Long-Form Video Marketing

In this digital generation, each commercial enterprise is attempting to sell to the fullest, and there may be no higher area to sell globally than the Internet. With consistent improvements in advertising strategies, individuals and businesses have converged collectively on video advertising and marketing. Videos are the customizable way of sharing masses of information this is without problems digestible.

Catching on to the video watching trends, digital advertising consultants and types have speedy moved in the direction of video advertising and are reaping brilliant consequences inside the shape of increased reputation, viral content material, and increased public engagement.

Forms of Video Marketing

Video advertising and marketing change its forms based totally on the duration of the films [Source] used to promote the offerings. There are 3 most important video forms-

Micro movies

The main intention of micro video merchandising is to create emblem cognizance. Since the motion pictures are small (10-20 seconds lengthy), corporations use appealing visuals, relatable standards and a hint of humor to gain attention and establish a brand presence inside the viewer’s brains.

Short motion pictures


Crushing it with Long-Form Video Marketing 1

These films are surprisingly longer sitting at 30 seconds to two minutes long. Short videos are snappy sufficient to draw audiences and hold them engaged. Since the period is usually around 1 minute, there is a hazard to carry out quick storytelling. The main intention of short motion pictures is target audience engagement.

Long videos

There are just a few agencies who without a doubt apprehend a way to deliver lengthy motion pictures retaining them exciting at some stage in. Long films may additionally remain at any time between 2 to 10 minutes. These videos deliver a terrific opportunity for specific storytelling. With increasing intellectuality among viewers, they’re gaining a reputation in a content material promotion.

10 manufacturers the use of lengthy-form films efficiently


This sports giant has special proficiency in storytelling thru quick movies and lengthy movies. Their important video strategy is to stimulate feelings in viewers. Nike post movies about aspiring athletes in backward areas and suffering young sports activities people. These motivational films cross viral in a blink and bring lots of engagements. Nike often rolls out movies with well-known athletes displaying their capabilities and promoting product concurrently.


Amazon is the most important net store and widely recognized around the arena. Even with massive popularity, Amazon is noticeably lively in promotional activities on Instagram and Facebook. When Amazon launched its streaming provider, it went berserk in the promoting. The most important tool became quick and lengthy shape videos. These movies were creative and based totally on geographical tendencies. Thanks to those films, their streaming provider is a massive worldwide achievement nowadays. Amazon significantly uses these lengthy shape films in selling large sale days.


Being an Indian health emblem promoting protein and carbohydrate supplements, MuscleBlaze has made it huge with their charge reductions and social media promotions. They released campaigns showcasing tales of athletes thru lengthy videos on Facebook and YouTube. These long shape movies were tremendously motivational and were given viral quickly a few of the gymnasium freaks and fitness aware community. They are rolling out such promotional motion pictures continuously and feature emerged as the maximum diagnosed complement brand specifically due to this long video advertising and marketing.

Red bull video classified ads are well-known for the production stage and the visuals. Red Bull determined to attention on excessive sports, and now it rolls out steady films with awesome cinematography, breath-taking adventure scenes and small advertising at the quit. Their tag line “Red Bull offers you wings” have become a trendy way to these incredible videos they made. Their classified ads are even watched for entertainment purposes.


Though it is not a commercial enterprise business enterprise, NASA has emerged as an area emblem. NASA continues their followers entertained with their brief and long shape movies about distinct space happenings. They post films showing breath-taking views of a ways galaxies. They even movement live earth view from space just for instructional and amusement functions. Though NASA does now not need to sell themselves, they are nevertheless the use of video advertising higher than most of the large manufacturers obtainable.


Airbnb commenced as a completely unique concept which needed a variety of advertising. People were immune to renting their homes online. They relied on video advertising and targeted on making motion pictures showing network concord and togetherness. Their social take in the direction of lengthy video marketing labored correctly and they may be continuing with comparable video campaigns.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an experienced player in the video advertising discipline. They have continually been creative with their video campaigns. They regularly publish recipes and food hacks movies on Facebook and YouTube, which can be considered by means of thousands and thousands and shared widely. The main motive is their humor. Their films are based totally on modern tendencies and continually have natural non-offensive humor attached. Taco Bell has mastered the artwork of long shape video advertising.


Coca-Cola has been innovative in its promotional campaigns right from the begin. With constant merchandising rivalries with Pepsi, the arena witnessed the wittiest and humorous promotions from Coca-Cola. When Coca-Cola entered the video marketing, they began making sense true, nostalgic, and emotionally connecting movies. They have maintained this equal method today with their long-form videos. Their video marketing has constantly been tremendous. They delivered a whole lot of heart touching lengthy motion pictures that introduced in quite a few publicity.

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