Google Updates: TV advertisements (eww), Android on Linux

TIME TO KICK off the weekend with some matters of slight import (tops) as we take any other ride to the Alphabet Castle for the nice of the weeks information-in-short from Google. The massive Google news is right here, and you may bookmark it to update every time something Googly comes up.

Android TV to begin – no, stay with us – and evidently, Google is trying to not best flog the dead horse but latch it to a stay horse and drag it along until it falls to bits.

Sony Smart TVs and the Xiaomi Mi Box three Android field (it’s like a cheap Nvidia Shield) have started out to show “subsidized channels”, that is a fancy manner of pronouncing “ads” on the house display and they’re taking up numerous area – an entire row in truth. Given that some of these tellies fee several thousand quids, the appearance of what Google is billing as a “non-public programme” isn’t always going down too nicely.

We’ve already visible Chrome OS gain assist for Linux apps, and now Linux can go back the favor. A new containerized machine referred to as SPURV has been launched that permits users to run Android apps on Linux. It does imply you are correctly walking running structures at the same time, which means you will want to look at your CPU and RAM utilization, but if there are a few matters that you just cannot stay without, then this is a cracking answer.



There’s now not plenty to get enthusiastic about with Android One in case you’re a fan of flagships – they may be designed for rising markets, however, that near-as-dammit stock enjoy does have some benefits. Word on the street is both Nokia and Motorola are about to add the call screen characteristic that currently handiest works on US Pixel devices, to Android One handsets. It sincerely offers to wish that it will come to the relaxation of us at some point.

Good news for contractors operating at Google – after a yr of discussion about how it treats the ones no longer on the main payroll, it has confirmed that any longer they may get similar to anyone else – consisting of the $15 minimum wage, healthcare, 12 weeks parental depart, 8 sick day allowance and $5000 stipend for higher schooling. Given that over 1/2 of Googlers are actually reduced in size, it really is some excellent news. Unfortunately, however, it won’t be completely rolled out till 2022. Maybe there are some publishers that would analyze from all this.

Finally this week, there may be some new code in the Chrome Canary construct for Android that indicates that Android Q could be getting a few critically tight integration with Google Assistant. What that includes stays to be seen, but we suspect that the age of touch-unfastened surfing could be nigh. We’re bound to discover at Google I/O.

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