How Social Media Movement Subway Book Review Changed How We Look At Books

Uli Beutter Cohen always had a penchant for hanging up conversations with strangers, as was her natural inclination whilst she first moved from Portland, Oregon to New York City. While subway commuters normally have a device in hand to help skip the time and disconnect, Butter Cohen became searching out ways to connect with the town in a meaningful manner.

That idea has become @subwaybookreview, the social media movement that recently reached a brand new milestone: its 5-yr anniversary. Subway Book Review’s premise? Better Cohen pics and interviews people studying revealed books on the subway about what they’re reading and the way they’re dwelling existence, and shares the regularly surprising testimonies on social media, specifically on Instagram. While its main mission is to assist its 225,000 social media followers to discover new books, locations and those, Subway Book Review delves deeper and suggests us to never judge someone by means of their ebook cover. Better Cohen has emerged as a documentarian of the underground and someone who’s dialed into the American and worldwide cultural scene.

With a new account spotlighting younger readers on the subway called @subwaybookreviewkids that proves that the subsequent technology is hungry for books and studying a wide range of material, and growth to towns like Washington D.C., London, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, Sydney, Santiago, and Mexico City, Better Cohen has a lot to have fun. And celebrate she will be able to, by means of throwing a surprise birthday party on New York City’s G Train in May.


Discover why Uli Beutter Cohen determined to take her curiosity to the underground, what she’s discovered along the way, and what success way to her.

Karin Eldor: What become your vision whilst you launched the Subway Book Review, 5 years ago?

Uli Beutter Cohen: When I moved to New York, I desired to connect to the town and its people in a significant way, because New York is such a destination for dreamers and for individuals who need to make something big happen. I wanted an access factor and a reason to have a communication that went deeper than “who’re you and what do you do?” At first, I turned into honestly intimidated by the subway — a lot so, it was almost a purpose not to move to New York. It’s a chaotic area, wherein the F teach all of the sudden runs at the A-line, with little or no caution.

I thought, “Okay, allow’s embody the chaos and let’s see what I find in it.” I’ve always been someone who believes in the power of the unknown. That’s when I generally tend to grow, due to the fact I’m forced to try new things. So I started out to spend plenty of extra time underground, and matters passed off:

1- I fell in love with the G Train. I think it’s just great. It’s the shortest educate of all of them and has this Cinderella vibe as it’s long past from punchline to definitely captivating.

2- I started to get cozy inside the chaos and once I turned into capable of being present, I noticed that a ton of really various humans was reading print books. I thought, “These readers, I’m probably capable of having a conversation with them, due to the fact we’ve as a minimum one buddy in common — books.” It changed into an idea that struck me, I pursued it and began to interview humans on the subway approximately the testimonies that shape them. I always start by means of asking, “What are you analyzing?” however then we fast begin speakme approximately their private life. People tell me about their secrets and techniques and desires, things that they may be afraid of, and things they have conquered. When strangers determine to believe every other in an instantaneous, magical matters can appear.

Eldor: When you inform humans about what you do, are you met with questions on whether it’s a commercial enterprise and how you monetize it?

Better Cohen: When people question me what I do, I say that I’m an author and a pro conversationalist. I do not keep in mind myself a blogger or bookstagrammer — no offense to both — but that’s just not how I self-perceive. When I began to call myself a conversationalist, it clicked and things fell into location — mainly for myself, which made me more assured and that made my work higher.

When I commenced the Subway Book Review, there was at once the question of “Who are you going to promote this surprisingly treasured statistics too?” And I spoke back with, “Nobody.” Subway Book Review is supposed to exist on social and from there to amplify into different media, like an ebook, a podcast, and a TV show. I don’t do backed posts on Instagram due to the fact that would dilute what I’m documenting. As a writer and creator, I paintings with brands like Away — I write for its e-book Here Magazine — and Warby Parker, who is co-hosting our anniversary celebration. But the one’s partnerships don’t alternate the content material or the message of Subway Book Review and I assume that’s very important when you switch your lens to lifestyle. It’s simply a harder street to create incredible, unique content material however I assume that is what has allowed Subway Book Review to remain notion-main and a real mirrored image of society and subculture.

Eldor: In this pretty virtual age, books (and print, especially!) are still highly applicable. What are your thoughts on this?

Better Cohen: Print is existence. The endless scroll on our devices has left us feeling the form of empty and sad. I suggest, people are deleting Instagram and are hungry for tangible things like books. That’s why I am doing things in real lifestyles for the community, like the surprise party on the G educate for our anniversary. When I consider who I need to spend time with, it’s the folks that I’ve met inside the underground who read, have creativeness, and who are precise characters. Those people absolutely assist me to recognize what it manner to be a global citizen and I’m thrilled approximately persevering with to build Subway Book Review’s worldwide point of view. Seeing a younger guy in Mexico City reading Call Me By Your Name similar to a young guy may in New York City is exquisite effective, in phrases of getting a feel of belonging. When you each see your self inside the identical e-book, you belong to the same narrative, and no border or state line can stop you from that.

I consider that we’re making strides in terms of which voices are being amplified and there are more books written than ever, by way of greater numerous human beings than ever, which means we are taking the monopoly faraway from the conventional white, male voice. That is the good factor that has passed off inside the literary scene over a previous couple of years. I clearly think that a network like Subway Book Review has contributed to that because we’re showing what modern readers look like, and which narratives they’re searching out and need to belong to.

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