Influencer Marketing Of Junk Food To Teenagers Criticized In Norway

Norwegian teenagers aren’t correctly protected against the advertising and marketing of lousy food and drinks online, consistent with a brand new report, ‘Digital Marketing of Food and Drink with the aid of Influencers.’

Published by the Norwegian Consumer Council in February 2019, the file warns that social media is being actively used in the marketplace and sells bad foods and drinks merchandise to kids between 12 and 18.

Subtle content marketing

The reports state that the most influential channels used to attain young Norwegian people are ‘subtle content marketing’ via social media, specifically through Norwegian YouTubers in a “state-of-the-art way.”

Videos on sixteen of the most famous Norwegian language YouTube channels have been analyzed all through 2018. The study observed 11 of them promoted unhealthy meals that contained excessive degrees of salt, fat, and sugar.

The report states that channels used to sell such dangerous food are “without exception” geared toward younger visitors: “This is based totally on an evaluation of the content and gear used inside the channels, such as clipping, obvious consequences and using teens-orientated. Tune. There is likewise easy language and some slang”.

The examination highlighted Coca-Cola as a number one collaborator with promotional cloth and collaborations regarding its Norwegian language YouTube channel ‘CokeTV Norge.’

“They invite younger, popular YouTubers as guests in the applications broadcast on CokeTV, at the same time as getting the guests, who regularly have a far large target audience than CokeTV themselves, to create films wherein they cut in small photographs from the programs they are in. Although those quick videos are classified as advertising, they seem extra like advertising leisure software than marketing a product”, explains the file.

Specific creators stated include Sander Austad Dale (Randle), who promotes CokeTV simultaneously as gambling Fortnite and doing the popular floss dance. Sara Høydahl, who also encourages CokeTV, stocks her reports of living as a vegetarian. At the same time, Beatriz Neves (BeasVerden) takes her viewers to popular Norwegian ski hotels as an envoy for Fanta merchandise.

The Norwegian Consumer Council has labored for decades to lessen the marketing of dangerous foods and drinks in the direction of children and young people.

In 2012, the Consumer Council supported a proposal to regulate a ban on advertising merchandise with a variety of fat, sugar, and salt to children. Authorities as a substitute selected to enter into a settlement with the meals industry to establish a self-regulation scheme.

The institution remains a critic of the scheme. “We trust the tips do now not provide children and young humans the protection they need to get hold of against the advertising of products that growth the chance of weight problems and a diet that does not sell fitness and health improvement,” says a spokesperson.

Influencer Marketing Of Junk Food To Teenagers Criticized In Norway 1

Since the 2014 establishment of the recommendations, the Consumer Council has reported instances wherein kids and young human beings aren’t correctly protected towards advertising unhealthy foods and drinks. The Council sees young adults as a group mainly prone to influencer advertising on social media.

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