John Mueller on Disavow Tool – FULL TRANSCRIPT

In a Webmaster Hangout from January 2019, Marie Haynes asked Google’s John Mueller about the disavow tool. Many articles have been written about the different things John Mueller stated. But no article, as some distance as I recognize, was written from the factor of view of the whole thing that turned into said. Showing the whole transcript allows positioned what was said in its proper context.
What John Mueller Really Said about Disavow Tool

Here is the complete dialogue, it all, so that you can reach your own end.

Marie Haynes asks that if Google is ignoring low satisfactory links, must commercial enterprise proprietor’s maintain disavowing? Specifically, Marie seems to be asking approximately hyperlinks which might be in the gray place, where it’s tough to know whether or not Google is ignoring them. It’s an exquisite question.

Marie Hayne’s question (video right here):

“So I have a query approximately the disavow device. So we get human beings all of the time who need us to do hyperlink audits. And ever because of Penguin four.0, so September of 2016, in which Gary Illyes stated, and I assume you stated as nicely, like Google’s quite properly at ignoring unnatural links.


So my notion at that time changed into, nicely we shouldn’t have to use the disavow tool to ask Google to disregard links that they’re already ignoring, except you had a guide action for unnatural links.

So we’ve been most effective recommending it for websites which have been active, you know, building links, seeking to control matters, matters which can be unnatural hyperlinks.

But I suppose there’s so much confusion among webmasters due to the fact I see people all of the time you know, charging tons of money to audit, uhm, to disavow hyperlinks which are just, I understand they’re being omitted.

So I would love if we should have only a little bit greater rationalization.

So maybe if I can give you an example. Like if there was a business owner who a few years in the past employed an SEO corporation and that search engine optimization enterprise did a gaggle of visitor posting just for hyperlinks. And, you know stuff became a form of medium pleasant, if you recognize what I mean, no longer extremely spammy.

Can we be assured that Google is ignoring those hyperlinks? Or have to we be going in and disavowing?”

John Mueller’s response appears to link styles of one-way link situations as wanting a disavow.

When there’s a guided movement
Where what kinds of hyperlinks will cause a disavow.

Disavow What Spam Team Would Disavow

This is how John Mueller replied Marie Haynes’ query (watch the video here):

“I assume that changed into a terrific query. So from my point of view, what I could study there may be, on the only hand, absolutely the instances in which there is a guide motion.

But additionally the cases wherein you (who have additionally seen) a number of manual actions might say, well, if the internet junk mail team looked at this now, they might provide you with a guide action.”

That’s two eventualities in which John recommends the use of a disavow. Of interest is the second one situation in which a site hasn’t acquired a manual penalty but you understand the hyperlinks wouldn’t pass a hand take a look at by means of the spam group. John recommends proactively disavowing those links which you understand might now not bypass a hand test.

But that’s now not, in reality, addressing what Marie Haynes requested approximately, that’s what she referred to as “medium fine” links that aren’t “ultra spammy.”

John Mueller goes directly to cope with a one of a kind scenario, this time, seemingly, about links created with hyperlink constructing approaches from the past.

“Kind of the instances wherein you’d say, properly, the guide action is extra a remember of time and not form of like it’s based totally on something that turned into executed, I don’t recognize, where it’s truly achieved multiple years ago and it was sort of borderline now not brilliant.

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