Lots of Hand Waving with Zero Benefit

Many black hat theories are generated using individuals who are fantastically new to search engine marketing. They are effortlessly swayed with the aid of the attraction of hints that, as John Mueller pointed out, do not supply any gain.

Because of the way 301 redirects work, the redirected domain, in reality, does now not exist and all of the hyperlinks pointing to it are credited directly to the main website. The complete more step of registering a site is utterly useless for ranking functions.

The redirect trick is a lesson inside the value of knowing how search engines indeed work. The 301 redirect trick is not SEO; it’s a vain hobby on the extent of superstitions like selecting up a penny for suitable luck.

But there is a bonus to the 301 Redirect trick.

Why the Redirect Trick Might Be Useful to Spammers
The best purpose to use this method is in case you want so that it will drop all of the inbound links after they start to harm a site. Some spammers have interaction in a technique called Churn and Burn. They churn an enormous amount of ties to the brand new similar sounding area in a brief quantity of time. The redirect factors all of the links to the real domain and the actual domain ranks.

After a time, Google catches up with the links and devalues the spammy links. This is the part called the burn, while all the links are burned by way of Google and no longer count. It’s at this point that a spammer can cancel the redirects, right away disposing of all of the junk mail hyperlinks with a single click.

The Redirect Trick is Not Recommended

This isn’t always an encouraged method for official sites to use. But it’s beneficial to realize what other people are up to, as there may be strength in know-how.

Perry Campbell

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