Park Seo Joon earns avid ahjumma

On the October four broadcast of tvN’s ‘Three Meals a Day in the mountain village, visitor Park Seo Joon took on the double jump rope challenge following the Nam Joo Hyuk’s failure just a few weeks again!

First, while asked how his bounce roping competencies had been, Park Seo Joon remarked, “I’m not horrific.” The ‘Three Meals a Day’ forged members and personnel then explained to him that if he succeeded in double jump roping a total of 10 consecutive instances, the forged could obtain 10,000 KRW (~ $9) as a prize. However, if he failed, it would mean 5,000 KRW taken away from their ‘allowance’ for the day.

Remembering their former guest Nam Joo Hyuk’s painful(?) failure, ‘Three Meals a Day’s oldest solid member Yeom Jung Ah persistently requested Park Seo Joon if he notion he ought to do it, fretting approximately taking his microphone off beforehand, no longer practicing in simple sight, etc. However, after changing into comfortable pants and footwear, Park Seo Joon tried an exercise round, succeeding in double soar roping sixteen consecutive times!

Park Seo Joon earns avid ahjumma 1

This appalled Na Young Suk PD, who straight away modified the regulations so that Park Seo Joon had to succeed jumping 20 consecutive times, which will earn 10,000 KRW, fervently arguing that he turned into an extraordinary degree from Nam Joo Hyuk. After working out the deal, Park Seo Joon hesitantly took on the task, with the lady forged members watching nervously from the shadows! Watch above to discover how many Park Seo Joon completed!

Meanwhile, simply after Park Seo Joon’s marvelous challenge, Yeom Jung Ah was also pulled into her personal mission of soar roping often, 10 consecutive instances! At first, Park Seo Joon felt that this had become a breeze of a project, but as soon as he witnessed Yeom Jung Ah’s unique(?) soar roping approach, he (and everyone else) burst out into laughter! Watch Yeom Jung Ah’s hilarious attempt at regular bounce roping underneath.

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