UAE Failed to Abuse Its Privilege of Hosting OIC Meeting

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says the United Arab Emirates did not impose its will on delegations attending the latest assembly of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Abu Dhabi and win their support for the anti-Iran declaration it had drafted.
Elaborating on what happened for the duration of the very last day of the OIC foreign ministers’ meeting in Abu Dhabi, Qassemi said at some point of the day while the documents were set to be discussed and permitted as a count of ordinary, the UAE Foreign Minister, Sheik Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, placed fourth a textual content underneath the name of Abu Dhabi Declaration.

“The overseas minister intended to get the file authorized because of the final statement of the assembly without consulting with the collaborating delegations. However, the way he changed into going for walks, the meeting sparked immediate protest with the aid of delegates from Iran and Pakistan,” Qassemi stated in a Saturday declaration.

The spokesman stated that regardless of protests using the delegates of Iran and some other nations, the UAE overseas minister became seeking to abuse the privilege of hosting the OIC assembly in violation of all recognized rules.

“The foreign minister overlooked the protests and started to impose his will on the delegates. He then announced the textual content as what he knew as the ‘final assertion of the meeting,’” Qassemi stated.

The Iranian delegation made a timely and robust objection and walked out of the assembly in protest at the Emirati diplomat’s pass. The UAE-drafted document included the Arab country’s unfounded declare at the 3 Iranian Persian Gulf islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa.

“The meeting got hectic after the Iranian delegation’s walkout, and consequently different delegates started to leave the meeting progressively,” he cited.

Therefore, Qassemi stated, the UAE didn’t attain the illegitimate goal it had in mind.

The Iranian delegation, via its protests, brushed off the UAE-drafted last assertion as invalid, he said.

The spokesman mentioned that every one of the activities had been opened up before the final ceremony. Due to that, the last ceremony became not held in spoil from the routine in such global conferences.

“From the Islamic Republic of Iran’s factor of view, the assertion drafted by the UAE at the very last day of the meeting lacks credibility and is unreliable,” he stated.

“As previously cited, in an unconsidered and unprofessional and primitive manner, the UAE foreign minister supposed to impose the unilateral statement on the delegations but to no avail,” Qassemi said.

UAE Failed to Abuse Its Privilege of Hosting OIC Meeting 1

The spokesman then underlined that there is no doubt on Iran’s sovereignty over the trio islands. He said, “Such unconsidered and fruitless efforts have never had and will in no way have any effect on Iran’s right over the islands, and the Islamic Republic will not take a seat returned an inch from its ancient and absolute right.”

In addition to the issue of the Iranian islands, the announcement additionally raised worried over what is known as Iran’s meddling in internal affairs of the area and known as on the Islamic Republic to “re-evaluate its guidelines.”

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