Vietnam: The Big Winner at the US-DPRK Summit

Hanoi, Mar 2 (Prensa Latina) The a whole lot-expected 2d Summit among Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un concluded on Thursday here without agreements, but it changed into not Vietnam”s fault: the scenario deserved great rapprochement among America and North Korea.

Things went as planned, however Vietnam, as a country, and Hanoi, as the venue of the assembly, can rest confident that they created all situations to get more outcomes.

Some analysts say that the assembly among Trump and Kim changed into a failure, and others are aware that it turned into a legitimate experience because it laid the principles for future negotiations at the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the sluggish lifting of sanctions on North Korea.

What all of us agrees, starting by the presidents of America and the State Affairs Committee of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is that Vietnam did not pass over an element to make the summit a success. Both Trump and Kim admitted that on several occasions.

Just using threat, I listened to the solution from an overseas journalist to a colleague on a neighborhood radio station, who requested him about what was lacking in Vietnam to do everything impeccably. ‘The climate document. It could have been perfect with sunshine and a blue sky,’ the journalist said. The sky becomes grey, and there have been drizzles, it is genuine, however, if the summit was stormy, it was because of other reasons, now not to clouds in the business enterprise of the meeting.

Regardless of ways, things ended because of Washington’s refusal to raise part of the sanctions on North Korea, although Pyongyang supplied to dismantle part of its nuclear facilities, the protagonists themselves do now not suppose that it becomes a failed assembly.

And that is undoubtedly one of Vietnam’s greatest satisfaction.

According to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the summit was a fantastic achievement for Vietnam, regardless of the last time, it had to arrange it, most uncomplicated 20 days. Singapore, which sponsored the first summit, had extra than two months for arrangements.

Xuan Phuc highlighted the merchandising of Vietnam as a peace-loving us of a dedicated to that motive and accountable earlier than the international network because of the first and exceptional prize to the venue.

And even though I do not take into account each person has said so; it must be referred to that it’s far a fantastic reference for Vietnam’s aspirations to hold a non-everlasting seat at the United Nations Security Council in 2020-2021.

Vietnamese residents, in line with their obligation, additionally preferred that their homeland won a lot by way of web hosting such a vital assembly.

Officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, for example, stated that it became a golden possibility for the eyes of the planet to see the traditions, meals, herbal beauties and infrastructure that u . S. A. Offers to the so-referred to the as smokeless enterprise.

From taxi drivers and the officers who were in the price of various duties to the maximum modest residents contributed to the strengthening of Vietnam’s image. All of them with a smile and the not strong will to illustrate why Vietnam became declared a City for Peace.

The chief communicators of those realities had been more significant than 2,600 journalists from all over the world who got here to Hanoi to cover the summit. From a Press Center, it has to be stated, prepared with all centers and the most modern technologies for journalists to do an awesome painting.

Before or for the duration of the summit, a lot of them made reports and interviews at the very many fact inside the capital and other neighboring cities or provinces. And even after the occasion, because many reporters are nonetheless here with that purpose.

The host would have wished that the Trump-Kim meeting ended with greater rapprochement among the positions by using the US and North Korea and the rest of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

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