How To Captivate Your Audience With Episodic Content Marketing

At a time whilst a lot of content material is flooding the marketplace, how do you stand out via the noise? Marketers are turning to episodic content material marketing to set themselves apart from the competition.

Episodic content material advertising and marketing is long-shape content material damaged into smaller chapters or “episodes.” Content takes the shape of a tale that follows a plot and slowly exhibits more to the viewer with every episode. This technique of storytelling is a powerful manner to connect with purchasers and preserve them coming back for greater.

While forms of episodic content advertising encompass articles, infographics, and podcasts, the video has a tendency to be the most popular and powerful medium, and it’s not difficult to look why. Cisco predicts that with the aid of 2022, video visitors will account for eighty-two % of customer internet site visitors. As the video will become extra customary, so does the need to elevate it in a manner that connects clients to a larger revel in.

Episodic content advertising and marketing gives a large possibility in your brand to attach again and again together with your audience, that’s vital thinking about traditional advertising and marketing know-how maintains that it takes a mean of 7 touchpoints earlier than purchasers convert. There are many blessings to the use of episodic content advertising: It creates a go back target audience, builds subscribers and establishes credibility, positioning your brand as an expert to your industry.



How To Captivate Your Audience With Episodic Content Marketing 1

Businesses of all sizes can leverage storytelling to hook up with customers. Here’s a way to use episodic content advertising to set your content material apart from competitors and preserve your target audience coming back for greater.

Develop a storyline.

The goal is to captivate your audience with a storyline this is exciting and does now not resemble an advertisement in any manner. Develop captivating characters and a plot that resonates together with your audience.

Once you expand the storyline and characters, determine at the variety of episodes you need to tell your story. Consider growing a storyboard to assist plan

how the tale will spread in every episode.

Create anticipation.

What makes tv indicates so addictive? Suspense and cliffhangers are factors of anticipation that keep visitors tuning in, over and over, to discover what takes place next.

For example, my organization creates “Future of Real Estate” episodes that we proportion on YouTube; we follow the adventure of an actual estate agent in Los Angeles. Viewers music in to get a peek at the maximum high priced residences in LA and to look if the agent can make $30 billion in income for the year. The content is entertaining and also has an element of suspense that leaves viewers thinking if he will meet his target.

An exciting study by way of the Georgia Institute of Technology monitored how viewers of Alfred Hitchcock films behaved at some stage in low and excessive-suspense scenes. During excessive-suspense moments, the mind narrows what people see and focuses their attention on the tale. When a story lacks suspense, human beings grow to be distracted and awareness their interest in their environment.

You can get visitors lost inside the narrative and preserve them tuning in by using creating the same level of suspense or excitement in your episodic content.

Engage your target audience.

When growing episodic content material, it’s essential to recollect your target market. Are your characters relatable? Does the story establish a connection? Rather than forging a wide net, you have to intentionally align your content material with the subculture and personality of your target audience.

For instance, Kate Spade’s video series “Miss Adventure” follows the misfortunate occasions of a person residing in New York. The logo cast Anna Kendrick, an actress already famous with the brand’s target market. By the usage of a famous actress and a pleasing storyline, Kate Spade received visitors over in its video series.

Take a humanized approach.

When it involves growing episodic content material, don’t simply display the polished side of the tale. Consider the type of content this is likely to win the agree with the target market. We are all human, so don’t be afraid to take a humanized approach.

People are interested in tales which are real and non-scripted. In quick, we want to see content material that suggests warfare. By embracing transparency and giving viewers an in the back of-the-scenes examine your product, organization, and crew, you can advantage viewer believe.

Encourage target market interaction.

Engage your target audience by means of presenting a selection of methods for them to interact with your brand. Getting the audience worried during every episode of content further increases emblem engagement.

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