Linux Mint reveals upcoming logo and internet site modifications

Linux Mint is one of the maximum polished and beautiful operating systems. As more and more human beings reject Windows 10, Mint becomes a desirable alternative. Looks apart, it’s for a stable and reliable Linux distribution too — it affords an overall remarkable user enjoy.

Unfortunately, the Linux Mint working gadget’s extraordinary seems do not carry over to its internet site. What I’m attempting to mention is, the Linux Mint internet site is ugly and outdated. That won’t be counted as a good deal in the grand scheme of factors, but it can be a turnoff to new customers.

Thankfully, the Mint Team isn’t best planning a website redesign, however a refreshed brand too. Rather than redecorating the website themselves yet, the crew has determined to buy a pre-made design.

“We’re working on a brand new layout for our essential website. When the contemporary design (and logo) were designed at the beginning, they carried a strong identity, and we grew quite connected to them. For some time now, we were hoping to get a new unique layout that would appear contemporary but still carry that equal feel, which became very difficult to acquire. In the interim, we stayed with something that changed into caught within the beyond and doesn’t paintings properly nowadays. We’ve heard many people ask why our website looks so vintage, and I assume it’s time we do something about that,” says Clement Lefebvre, Linux Mint chief.

Linux Mint reveals upcoming logo and internet site modifications 1

Lefebvre also says, “The major landing web page has an excellent format, without a sidebar, less textual content and more distinguishing factors to introduce what Linux Mint is and gift its essential capabilities. We’re currently focusing our efforts on the header bar and the sponsor’s section. The header bar needs to acquire a heritage or a texture to make it greater minty and give the website another identity. Its navigation menu will also be centered and located underneath the title to permit for a bigger brand.”

Speaking of the brand new emblem, Clem gives the following issues with the modern logo.

It doesn’t minimize well. When small (for instance, for a favicon or an application menu brand), its design is too sophisticated to be rendered well in a confined wide variety of pixels.
It looks off-center because of its non-symmetrical border, with space on the left and none on the right.
As you can see from the screenshot above, the new website design is rarely modern. Quite frankly, I could say it as a substitute dull with far an excessive amount of white space. And maybe that is excellent — it doesn’t need to be the most stunning website on the internet. Still, if you are going to do something, why not do it in the first-class manner possible?

The new emblem is likewise a piece of a stumble, in my humble opinion. I imply, I suppose it’s high-quality, but it appears a chunk like a peculiar three-fingered fist. It’s purposeful and passable. However, I think the Linux Mint developers are capable of a lot extra. In other phrases, my criticism ought to be taken as praise.

My opinion is infrequently the handiest one who matters, but. I would love to hear from you, pricey BetaNews readers, as on your mind on the following Linux Mint website and emblem modifications. Are they properly horrific, or in reality, average and uninspired? Would you please pontificate inside the comments beneath?

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