How to Check Backlinks for a Website

A backlink is an online link or reference to a page that links to the page you are viewing. For instance, if you are reading a blog post with connections at the bottom of the page that direct you to other blogs or websites, they are called backlinks.

We all know that the internet is full of scams and black hat SEO techniques, which can take years to build up their backlinks. However, there are legit ways to check backlinks on a website.

A backlink is a link on another website that points to your website. This is one of the most important signals used by search engines when ranking websites.

While most of us understand that backlinks are important, we often don’t know what they are or how to measure them. This article will teach you everything you need to know to check backlinks for a website.

Backlinks are links that point back to your website. Checking backlinks for a website means checking all the links a page has and whether those links have any backlink information. For example, if you have a website about the Civil War history and want to get some backlinks. Then you should get a list of the websites that mention the history of the Civil War on their pages and add those links to your page, and then check all those links to see if they are pointing back to your website. If they do, then you have successfully got some backlinks.

Check Backlinks

Check Backlinks using the Google Webmaster Tool

Backlinks are simply links from other websites to yours.

These links help your website get found in Google searches and are a crucial part of SEO.

Unfortunately, there are many “black hat” ways to create backlinks, such as spamming blogs or comment sections or buying backlinks. These tactics can take years to build up, and they’re only effective if you can keep a hold on the domain.

However, there are a few legitimate ways to check backlinks on a website.

To do this, you can use the Google Webmaster Tools.

Here is how to check backlinks for a website using the Google Webmaster Tools:

1. Log into the Google Webmaster Tools.

2. Click “Search Traffic”.

3. Click on “Crawl Stats”.

4. Under “Links”, click on “Backlinks”.

5. Click on “View”.

6. In the “Domain” box, enter the URL you want to check backlinks for.

7. In the “Referer” box, enter “”.

8. Click “Check”.

9. Repeat the steps until you have checked every domain.

10. Copy and paste the URLs from the “Links” and “Referers” boxes to “Google Analytics” and “Webmaster Tools”.

11. Compare the “Traffic” and “Referrers” sections in “Google Analytics” and “Webmaster Tools” to see if there are any differences.

12. If there are, try and find out why.

Check Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to See if Your Backlinks Are Working

Check Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to See if Your Backlinks Are Working

When looking at the data, you’ll see a list of all othe linked pages on your site. From there, you can see what percentage of your backlinks are working.

While this is not an exact science, it can give you a good idea of whether your backlinks are working.

Search Engine Land’s Checklist of Links You Should Be Checking regularly

Checking your backlinks is easy. Head to Search Engine Land and enter the website URL you want to study.

When you enter the URL, you’ll see a list of links pointing to your site. You should regularly check three types of links: the backlink profile, referring domains, and referring keywords.

While we don’t recommend checking all links manually, you should do some of them, and here’s what you need to know about each.

Backlink profile

A backlink is any link on another website that points to your site. Backlinks are a huge factor in determining a website’s popularity, and you can’t rank without them.

Backlinks are often called “votes” because they influence search engine algorithms. You’ll rank higher in search results if your site has more backlinks than your competitors,

A backlink profile provides a breakdown of your backlinks. This includes the number of links, domain authority, and referring keywords.

Referring domains

A referring domain is any domain that links to your site. These domains are usually “passive” or “spammy” and don’t contribute to your rankings.

You can find a list of referring domains by entering your site’s field into Search Engine Land and clicking Referring Domains.

Referring keywords

The referring keywords are the keywords that direct visitors to your site. They are the “active” ones, and they’re usually the ones that influence search engine algorithms.

You can check to refer keywords by entering your keywords in Search Engine Land and clicking Referring Keywords.

These are all the backlinks you need to know about, and you can check them regularly using Search Engine Land.

The Ultimate List of Website Backlink Cheat Sheets

Backlinks are the most important link-building technique. They are the lifeblood of any SEO campaign.

They are the lifeblood of any SEO campaign.

While they are important, understanding how to measure them can be tricky. There are many different methods of measuring backlinks, from simple tools to advanced AI.

This article will cover the top five backlink-checking tools and how to use them, so you can quickly measure your backlinks and ensure they’re still helping your site rank well.

Frequently asked questions about Property Backlinks

Q: Does it matter which links you add to your pages?

A: Yes. Links are important. When building content for your website, links are an integral part of any good SEO strategy. If you have several links on your page, they should all point to different pages on your site.

Q: Is there anything I can do to ensure my link doesn’t look spammy?

A: There is nothing you can do to ensure your link won’t appear spammy, but you should ensure that your connection is relevant to the content on your page and not just a plain text link.

Q: What should I do if I am going to submit a few links in the body of a page?

A: Make sure to submit only one link per page. You want to make it easy for Google to determine that each page has a unique focus, so having multiple connections on one page.

Top myths about property Investment Backlinks

1. Investing in stocks is like gambling.

2. Only a few will make it big.

3. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

4. You can’t time the market.


One of the most important aspects of SEO is backlinks. Backlinks allow search engines to understand the importance of your website and improve their algorithms accordingly.

It’s important to realize that not all backlinks are created equal. Some are much better than others, so it’s crucial to understand which ones are most valuable.

If you’re new to SEO, it cannot be easy to know where to start. That’s why I recommend using a tool like Ahrefs to check backlinks for your site.

Ahrefs provides an easy-to-understand overview of backlinks, helping you to understand how to improve your SEO efforts.

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