How Toyota of Easley Built a Grassroots Video Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales

Every dealer is aware that video is a critical part of any advertising method, and it’s a remarkable way to create distinction in nearby markets. Our subsequent visitor, Ryan Norris, has capitalized on this idea with a grassroots virtual advertising and marketing approach that includes a weekly vlog called Ask Ryan. Filmed each week at Ryan’s dealership, Toyota of Easley, he solutions client questions and tackles topics like leadership, motivation, and subculture.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Hi all of us. I’m Jim Fitzpatrick. Thanks a lot for becoming a member of us on another version of CBT News. Today, I am so satisfied to have Mr. Ryan Norris, the dealer foremost at Toyota of Easley. Thanks a lot, Ryan, for becoming a member of us these days.

Ryan Norris: Thanks, Jim. Thanks for having me.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Sure. How’s a business?

Ryan Norris: Business is awesome. We have a tremendous yr. August became a record month for some Southeast Toyota dealers, so matters are accurate. I can’t whinge.

How Toyota of Easley Built a Grassroots Video Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales 1

Jim Fitzpatrick: When we speak to dealers right here on CBT news lately, they tell us one among their biggest demanding situations is getting good human beings with this sort of low unemployment charge. Obviously, it’s properly for auto sales; however, on the subject of locating proper humans to work at your dealerships, it makes it difficult. Do you find that to be the case, and in that case, what do you do to fight that?

Ryan Norris: I do assume it’s difficult to locate exquisite human beings, I suppose it’s all about your subculture, and I suppose you have to trade the mentality of the way human beings reflect onconsideration on the car business and actually try and get the phrase accessible that it’s a terrific enterprise that humans can make a definitely excellent residing and feature a great activity that’s something that they could expect. I mean, you are saying automobile salesman, and many people don’t want to do this. However, while you assume extra like a product specialist, humans don’t need to be offered a vehicle the way that they used to twenty years ago because they’ve so much information available to them online and all kinds of extraordinary approaches that they don’t want someone to provide them each little bit of facts.

Ryan Norris: It’s greater of someone to help them via that manner and now not just inside the car income end of it. However, the service ceases, and parts quit. There are a few genuinely top process opportunities for the people accessible in the automobile enterprise.

Jim Fitzpatrick: There sincerely are, and greater particularly, NADA said we’re going to want approximately seventy-six,000 service technicians 12 months for the following four or 5 years. What’s your tackle? Are you fully staffed and, and if not, how do you discover correct technicians? That’s a difficult nut to crack.

Ryan Norris: It is. And there’s plenty of young humans that are inquisitive about going into that field. We crew with a neighborhood technical university right here, right outside of Easley, South Carolina. At any given time, we’ve were given four to six apprentices running here with us at the Toyota dealership studying that change from a number of the technicians we’ve got right here. And it’s been a genuinely accurate pipeline for us to hire people right out of this tech school into the enterprise.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Okay. Switching gears a little bit, you men do some things a little exclusive there. I understand which you got here off of TV, I thought and said, “Well appearance, let’s nevertheless have a video presence.” So you took that video presence to the following level. Talk to us about your video podcast or videocast and what that is and how it’s modified things there at Toyota of Easley.

Ryan Norris: It has modified things, and we got completely off of all traditional advertising and marketing lower back in … we sort of slowly. It didn’t manifest all at one time. I suppose first was print after which radio after which we did TV for a few extra years and absolutely just decided we might try and to cut the cord on all of them and now not honestly reduce the marketing finances but put that cash toward virtual advertising that you could sincerely song and income have long gone up on account that we’ve performed that the 12 months and a half of because we absolutely got off the TV, radio and newspaper print.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Yeah.

Ryan Norris: But we have been seeking to assume how we can be relevant in the marketplace in virtual and now not simply placing our money into Google and the quest words and advertisements on social media. If we determined that we would like to strive to expose us here at Toyota of Easley and what we’re about, we just pull the curtain a little bit and allow the clients backstage of what we do. And we came up with a weekly, and I guess you name it, a video weblog, and it was simply a concept that I had with our ad agent, Paul [Potrats 00:04:34]. And it changed into one of those matters that we determined to start letting clients ship in inquiries to us, and I might solution the query in a weekly video. And it genuinely turned into plenty greater than we ever imagined, and it honestly took off and has been a brilliant success to this point.

Jim Fitzpatrick: What sort of questions have been customers asking you? Were they asking you to, “Hey, what’s the real deal on the way to work cope with a vehicle provider?” Or what sort of query had been you getting?

Ryan Norris: We thought that it’d be that, and we were given a number of those questions, and we answered them. I imply we had is the last day of the month sincerely the quality day to buy a car? I imply we’re just honest with them, and it can be if the dealership’s close to hitting their quantity; yeah, it’s a fantastic day to shop for a vehicle. Get a higher deal. But we started getting questions that amazed me about management, the auto industry, and specific positions at the dealership that we touched on only a 2d in the past. And that changed into every other manner that we’ve gotten precise employees. We’ve, without a doubt, recruited, not recruited because we didn’t cross after them in that way, but we’ve attracted correct personnel right here via seeing the form of the manner that we do matters behind the curtain. So no longer simply that we bought motors from it, however, we’ve additionally hired some clearly, absolutely suitable employees from it.

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