Meet Cocolyze, the SEO Tool That REALLY Simplifies Your Work

A few months in the past the search engine marketing answer, Cocolyze.Com discreetly released, an amateur a few of the search engine optimization gear.

Now, you’re in all likelihood used to web page analysis and test equipment, rank tracking equipment, or even backlink audit gear. But Cocolyze isn’t offering a new “all-in-one” answer.

This newcomer clearly exhibits a few quite surprising and practical surprises that haven’t been visible earlier than.
1. Do You Know Why You Lost a Rank Yesterday?

Who hasn’t asked themselves this question on a Friday night in panic after noticing a ranking drop on a key-word and not using an apparent rationalization?

Backlinks hassle? Internal internet site trouble? Google update? A competitor trade?

Utter panic!

Everything has been gone over with a satisfactory teeth comb and we frequently nevertheless have that sour taste of doubt and reality.

It’s prime progress in search engine optimization: Cocolyze tracks and video display units all ranked pages on a keyword, their positions, their oneway links, and their optimization. Every unmarried day.


Meet Cocolyze, the SEO Tool That REALLY Simplifies Your Work 1

A real comparative of strengths and weaknesses, the answer simplifies our lives with the aid of registering every detected trade.

It also makes it lots less difficult to recognize if a competitor has simply benefited from a better ranking thanks to its newly introduced pages if the rank fluctuation is because of mistakes in your web site or a competitor’s.

This big amount of statistics reproduced in a certainly easy interface is important for each of the strategic keywords which your goal.

We’re wondering why we haven’t seen a solution providing this capability before!

2. Do You Know What Your Competitors Optimized a Week Ago?

What an exciting question!

You’ve likely never requested it your self, clearly because you know it’s impossible to easily get the solution.

Every strategy ought to consist of the competitor sphere and this audit is usually carried out once in a while. But on this context in which SEO is always changing, it’s no longer enough to just song your competitors as soon as a year.

Imagine understanding what your competitors modified on their page during the last 3 weeks to acquire this rank. It’s simplest by using having these statistics that you could recognize which optimizations to paintings on.

Cocolyze gives us daily tracking of your competitors ranked pages, completely automatic and in such uncommon simplicity!

This solution registers every alternate made by way of a neighboring web page within the SERP every day: change to a page identify, content key phrases, design exchange, loading time – essentially all components that affect your SEO.

We can only believe the number of statistics analyzed each day by using the device and yet the easy and subtle interface permits us to without difficulty navigate in the pages’ history.

Three. You Track Your Ranks but Do You Know What Keywords Need the Most Attention?

Any good search engine marketing project supervisor monitors their search engine optimization rank monitoring nearly every day.

Lots of rank tracking solutions were advanced due to the limitations of Google Search Console.

These gear provide you with a warning of an alternate in function, generally with a conventional performance indicator: the common rank.

If you have several hundred key phrases this could quickly end up unnecessarily complicated wherein we’ll wander away within the table rows.

Cocolyze surprises us once more right here by using introducing an interesting key overall performance indicator: SEO Value.

This indicator calculated by using the tool ranks the positions in order of significance.

In different words, it’s capable to inform you that your role four on key-word x is more crucial than your position 1 on key-word y.

The search engine optimization Value of Cocolyze proves to be impressively effective with regards to sorting out the keywords so as of go back on investment, and that is already in the pipeline for the solution.

Cocolyze honestly filters the key phrases so as of cost to benefit, this is the fee that you may benefit to your SEO through growing your ranks on a key-word vis-à-vis any other key-word.

I suppose consultants and SEO mission managers will love this indicator to prioritize their daily tasks and reporting!

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