7 Different Types Of Web Hosting Services Explained

Different Types Of Web Hosting Services Explained – What is shared web hosting? What is cloud website hosting? What is VPS? What is the difference between shared hosting vs. cloud website hosting? Why would you want WordPress web hosting if you can run a WordPress website on any net website hosting answer?

As you’re searching for excellent internet hosting for your new internet site, you’ll be pressured with the aid of your many options.

There are a few unique sorts of website hosting answers to pick out from — each presenting one-of-a-kind blessings and limitations.

Here is an explanation of the distinction between the principal types of internet hosting options.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared website hosting is the maximum popular website hosting answer, and it’s also the most low-priced. With shared web hosting, you percentage a server and its assets with different customers.

Since you’ll be sharing sources with different websites, this type of web hosting is excellent for low-site visitors web sites.

As a shared hosting client, it’s far as much as you to hold your website updated and carry out your protection scans, caching, and backups (all of which can be accomplished with the clicking of a button out of your CPanel, with maximum hosts.)

This form of website hosting solution is perfect for small websites or someone beginning out. As your business grows, you can need to improve to one of the other options.

7 Different Types Of Web Hosting Services Explained 1

Best Shared Hosting Providers

The maximum popular and lower-priced shared website hosting provider is Bluehost, with shared hosting plans beginning at merely $2.Ninety-five.

SiteGround is some other popular shared web hosting provider, with plans starting at $3.95.

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