The official rule e-book for hosting your very own tournament

The truth that each person can download and play PUBG Mobile is now normally known. The struggle royale recreation is free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. It’s simply as smooth to locate friends to play within the sport and barely more difficult to win a Chicken Dinner. While gambling the game casually is top notch a laugh, PUBG Mobile is likewise played these days professionally in reliable tournaments like PUBG Mobile India Series that recently concluded with the triumphing group taking domestic Rs 30 lakhs in coins! These are massive scale tournaments where gamers from all over the u. S. Take part. There are worldwide tournaments as well in which every place wherein PUBG Mobile is available to participate. Now, we understand it’s now not always viable for every player to take part in those tournaments, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun gambling in a tournament. After all, prevailing a suit is one component; however, winning a long match requires plenty greater skill (and a few amounts of success!).

So we poured thru the official rules and rules that the reputable match hosts follow. It’s a 27-page report that calls for meticulous reading to recognize the nuances of turning PUBG Mobile into an eSports. There’s even a massive debate approximately whether or not the battle royale game can even be considered a feasible eSports recreation, considering how there’s an awesome quantity of success involved at the beginning of the sport; however, that calls for some other tale. But thinking about the recognition of the sport and the host of tournaments already performed, it’s safe to say PUBG Mobile tournaments are right here to stay. Take a study the key policies and layout of the tournament right here so that you can either host your personal event or practice for the huge arena —

Eligibility and registration

The official rule e-book for hosting your very own tournament 1

To get a match-up and walking, you’ll need a variety of players. How to select them? While you may body your personal rules regarding this, the reliable rule states the simplest gamers who have reached the age of majority in their personal u. S . A. Are eligible to take part. Furthermore, the gamers should meet a minimal rank of Platinum or above in any mode (TPP or FPP) at registration.

When the event is performed on a global scale, gamers must be residing inside the vicinity they’re representing. For example, if you are representing Asia, you must be a resident of any united states this is a part of Asia. At least three gamers in a crew of 5 need to be residents of the crew’s domestic region.

Registration can be completed in any way you deem suit. You can both flow into an online form for everybody to fill or send invitations to gamers with all of the information. If you propose maintaining a certain wellknown, you may even set the minimum rating requirement better.


PUBG Mobile tournaments are generally played in teams of 4. Each group is needed to preserve 4 players inside the team’s beginning lineup. Teams also have the option to feature one greater player who will act alternatively. There is not any compulsion that the quantity of players within the team needs to be 5. It’s the widest variety of gamers allowed in a crew, and event officers reserve the right to disqualify groups if they no longer meet the required quorum of gamers.

A crew needs even to have a captain assigned who can touch with the officials. The captain wishes to be part of the group roster for each game, and groups cannot exchange captains at some stage in the route of the match.

Each group member will be registered with their reliable gamer tags, and once registered, no modifications to the roster may be accredited. Teams can convey in an alternative player in between games and no longer all through the game.

Furthermore, once registered, a Team’s name cannot be changed once more without prior approval. The crew names must be unique and must now not encompass words or emblems that infringe logos are deemed offensive, toxic or harmful.

Player names or gamer tags should include the player’s team call or an acronym of it, alongside the participant call in the following layout —
TEAMNAMEPLAYERNAME. For example, if you’re part of crew ‘Digit’ and your in-game name is ‘Psychomantis,’ then the call will seem like DIGITPSYCHOMANTIS. These gamer tags can’t be changed at some stage in the tournament direction, and similar to team names, gamer tags cannot consist of phrases that are offensive or trademark infringing.
Match layout
Qualification rounds

In reliable tournaments like the PUBG Mobile Club Open, groups compete towards different teams in their region for a gap within the finals. There’s also a qualifying spherical for it. For example, for the PUBG Mobile Club Open, a separate PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge has served as the qualification round. Groups with maximum cumulative scores from eight out of 12 match video games can qualify for the following round.

There also can be an internet-simplest qualification round where teams are required to play a set wide variety of video games on their very own, and the groups with the best rankings can be selected.
Regular Season

Each game can have 16 groups. Once qualified, players input the ordinary season. During this time, 32 groups will compete in “ordinary season suits.” They are normally performed during the weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The regular season is broken up into 3 degrees — Group Stage, Semi-Finals, Finals.

Group Stage — Each of the 32 groups performs 12 tournament video games, and the pinnacle 24 teams based totally on cumulative ratings continue to the semi-finals.

Semi-Finals — Each of the 24 qualifying groups will play sixteen event games, and the top 16 teams with the very best cumulative ratings will increase to the finals.

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