How to Create a B2B Video Marketing Strategy

We can divide the income funnel into 4 stages. Each level could have one-of-a-kind content necessities to cope with what’s occurring within the customers’ minds presently occupying those levels. Note that no longer is each stage created the same. Some should be “weighted” with more content material than others.

1. Interest

The first degree is to get clients inquisitive about your business enterprise and what you offer. This isn’t the time to leap through them with testimonials and precise statistics. About 15% of your content material ought to be geared toward this level. This level is a first-rate area to take a few risks and seize eyeballs with animation or humorous content material.

2. Learning

Once an ability consumer is fascinated, they will want to analyze more about your products and services. Videos for this degree don’t always need to get into hard facts and technical specifications; however, they need to offer a bit greater to bite on than the Interest-stage videos. This stage has to carry approximately 25% of your video content.

How to Create a B2B Video Marketing Strategy 1
3. Evaluation

This is possibly the largest and maximum vital level in the sales funnel. Evaluation is where your leads can drill down into the actual and technical data needed to make an informed buying choice. At this point, the CTAs for your content has to be directing ends in provide email addresses and different forms of contact. If they’ve gotten this a long way, they understand what you’re about, they’re interested, and it’s completely suitable to start aiming for direct, personalized communications.
Product demos, case studies, and greater certain academic films can all discover a place here. You can commit as much as 40% of your funnel to this type of content material.

4. Justification

When a client has all of the facts they want to make a buy, now and then, it simply takes a touch push to get them to make a final selection. After gaining knowledge of and comparing your product, the choice-maker needs to have a reason to select your enterprise over any others they might have investigated. The remaining level of the sales funnel should be dedicated to supplying one’s reasons.

Video Production Tips

Shooting a great video can involve quite a few works. You might need to write down a script, buy or lease a professional digicam, locate or create a studio, rent skills, and supply music. Once the capturing wraps, you must edit, file a voiceover, and choose a web hosting platform.

1. Define Your Target Audience

You need to have an awesome experience of who’s looking at your motion pictures. If your B2B clients are younger, hip internet developers, you may get away with bizarre, edgy content. If they’re a vintage consortium of land developers, you would possibly want to move in a totally traditional and conservative direction.

2. Define Their Pain Points

Now which you realize who is looking, the subsequent question is why—what issues or barriers they’re dealing with that your corporation can offer answers for.

3. Define Your Buyer Journey

Similar in concept to the sales funnel, this describes how a lead becomes a consumer.

4. Create Relevant Video Content

Your films have to cope with your target audience’s pain points at each level of the income funnel.

5. Go Viral

Video is a large funding. You’ll want to get it in the front of a whole lot of eyeballs to meet your engagement goals. True, “going viral” isn’t something you could, without delay, manipulate. If it’s smart or funny sufficient, it will get shared around the proper enterprise circles.


Just don’t forget, the care and notion you placed into making plans and producing your video content material will have an instantaneous impact on the effects you see on your stability sheet.

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